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Hamilton Cast are no Fools

0. The House Is Not the Wood It Is Made of

The least foolish person in the Kingdom is the Fool. He is able to mock traditions and even the King. Picture the scene, the aristocrats are there, the King is there, food is being served, and the Court Jester is poking fun at all the traditions. What’s missing from this description? —who the Fool is. What’s not missing? The Fool’s costume. Continue reading

2016 US Election: Clinton “Won” the Popular Vote

0. Introduction

The US system for electing the President of the United States takes place every four years. In that system, each state has a number of electors allocated to it, one for every Congressional representative (Congress being the union of the House of Representatives and the Senate). This system has—at this time, as far as we can tell—elected Donald J Trump as the President of the United States. Some people have pointed out that the popular vote has shown the support of Hillary Clinton for President.

So what? Continue reading